Trade NPC Plugin
A fully customisable trade plugin, where NPCs will give you whatever you need, all you need to do is ask!
Quick Start Guide


Download the plugin and drop it in the plugins folder of your server and restart.


/xnpc trade <options>

The options include


/xnpc trade spawn <profession> <name>
Select a trader profession from the available selection, we have armourer, farmer and weapon smith. Their trades are based around their profession.  Then give the NPC a nice name.


/xnpc trade despawn <name>
The name is what you gave to the npc when you created them.


Right click on the NPC and they will ask what you need.  Type what you want. The trader will take a look at your inventory, what you just said and suggest you some trades. Different inventory and answers means different trades and never ending possibilities!

You should note that the NPCs are picky in what they sell and buy. A farmer won’t sell you iron boots and won’t buy your  enchanted diamond sword

Don’t like the default professions? Well you can create your own!
Find the xnpc folder in your plugin folder. Inside xnpc, there is a folder named npc. You will find folders named with various professions inside (by default we give you armourer, farmer and weapon smith).

To create, lets say an alchemist, First create a folder named alchemist in the npc folder, and create three ymls

buy_list.yml -> Items NPC will buy, listed with its cost
sell_list.yml  -> Items NPC will sell, listed with its cost
trade_config.yml -> NPC settings, just make sure the profession name is correct

Or better yet, just copy the default files from one of the provided professions and edit them.

Don’t forget to add your newly created profession to professions.yml in the xnpc folder.

And done! Restart the server and you will see your newly created profession in the command autocomplete.

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