Asset Generator
A minecraft plugin to create custom assets, right in the game!
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Quick Start Guide


Download the plugin and drop it in the plugins folder of your server and restart. You are ready to generate custom items! Note that this plugin requires players to allow use of custom resource packs on their client

Download the plugin and drop it in the plugins folder of your server and restart.

Permissions required : xg.assets.use


/generate <description>
Describe what you want with the generate command, wait a few seconds and voila! You will find the item you imagined with custom textures and enchatment in your inventory.

/quickgen <on/off>
Turn quick generate on or off
On : No custom textures or enchantments
Off : Custom textures and enchantments applied

Assets not loading properly for you? Run this command

For server operators and admins

This plugin comes with a credit system to prevent users from spamming the generate command. Server admins and operators can use the following commands

/addcredits <player> <credits>
Add Credits for a player. One credit is spent on each generation.
Provide negative value to take credits away!

Players can check their asset generation credits using this command.
OP players can run

/checkCredits <player>

To check credits of a player

Limiting Enchantment Levels

You can limit the maximum enchantment level a player can get by giving them the following permission


Where number is the max enchant level
Note: Since OP players have all the permissions, they will always get the level zero enchantment, that is no enchantment. Please lose the operator status to get enchantments

Limit Items

You can prevent players from generating items (like a dragon egg!) by adding the Minecraft name of item in banned.yml inside the plugins/Asset Generator folder in UPPERCASE
A banned.yml is always created if not present. By default, it prevents players from spawning Dragon eggs

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